Cibol was founded 1980 and is a management consulting company with an extensive experience of project management and all phases of change management. Our assignments are mainly within financial control and organization and business development.

Business concept
Cibol’s business concept is to transfer knowledge to our clients by working with them on project management, analysis, development of both business and financial controls, evaluation and selection of software packages , and implementation of ERP- systems.

Cibol’s clients
Our clients represent different business areas and government agencies, as well as several trade unions and other organizations.

Cibol as a company
Cibol is a partner owned company with four active consultants.

All our consultants have many years of experience as consultants or from managerial positions. Each consultant knows project management, is used to work in projects as well as with change management.

How we work
Cibol assists the client from start to finish by planning and implementing the needed change. We make sure that the client will get the right condition for using the new system by an efficient transfer and build up of knowledge. We are deliberately increasing the client’s competence during the project life cycle by developing the client’s staff as well as the client’s organization. Our experience has taught us that knowledge is the key to get full value from a new information system.

The quality of our work is based on the active involvement of the client . The higher the degree of engagement and effort from the client, the better the result. By creating a constructive and cooperative working climate we enable the development of the client staff as well as focusing on the development goals. Together with the client we design new procedures, provide training and documentation.

In a changing environment the unexpected will happen! We are prepared to deal with such matters at any time. To meet all the different demands of a development project, different kinds of qualifications are needed. We man our projects with a mix of resources to meet the needs of each assignment. We do not hesitate to recommend other consultants in the case that we cannot meet the need ourselves.


Project Manager
We provide project management either as an independent assignment or as an active member of the development team.

Experience from both operational and project work environments enables us to solve emerging conflicts within a project.

Engagement is a prerequisite for a successful project. We emphasize a positive atmosphere in the project and encourage each project member to use their full potential.

Project Goal
Each project deserves a proper goal description in order for decision makers, participants, and other interested parties to know where the project is going.

We demand that the client is engaged in the project implementation. To do so, accurate time- and activity plans must be produced.

Follow up and reporting
We provide the client with information about the project at agreed frequency.


We have experience of logical construction, design, and implementation of data warehouse applications. We can also assist in evaluation and implementation of user-friendly end user tools for quick and adequate representation of data warehouse information.


All Cibol consultants know the finance and administration area well. Some of us have more than ten years operational experience within this area from several companies representing different businesses. We are all aware of the requirements on the administrative function in a company and can provide expert help in change management to enable more efficient procedures and ways of working by maximal use of available systems.

We also accept assignments where the client during a shorter or longer period must man a position temporarily. We are, based on our extensive hands on experience, able to offer our clients expertise in accounting, consolidated group accounting, periodical closing of books, taxation, cash flow planning, and IT.


Cibol has extensive experience of ERP implementation projects. By acting as our client’s representative towards software and hardware vendors, we can ensure a professional procurement and implementation process. We have hands on experience of many of the ERP packages on the market such as Visma, Axapta, Formula, Oase.

Many of our clients use Agresso as their ERP and HR system. Several of Cibol’s consultants have a leading edge competence in how to best use and adapt Agresso.


Cibol Konsult AB
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Mail: info@cibol.se

Our Consultants:

Christer Lodin
Mobil: 070-214 50 54

Lars-Göran Gellbäck
Mobil: 070-521 01 44

Olof Nordin
Mobil: 070-55 33 160

Ingemar Sjöberg
070-799 14 79

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